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Own your own story.

A media house serving innovators, change makers, and equity builders around the world.


Empower Souls Studios (ESS) launched in 2021 as a media house that specializes in brand development & the world of content. Our work focuses on helping Black & POC founders get clear on their authenticity and intentionality when it comes branding. Our mission is to help you own your own story. Our vision is to be rooted and help root others in the originality of their dreams and ideas. 

We are going to change the world creatively, one empowered brand at a time. 

What do we mean by "Own your Own Story"?

You may not be the only one selling your product/service. But YOU are the only YOU, selling your product/service. And how you do that, should be authentic to your brand. 

We don't believe in copy + paste branding.


At all. 

We're visual storytellers.

Branding is who you are, marketing is how you tell people who you are, and content is the medium of how you tell people who you are. Our team at Empower Souls Studios is equipped to help you figure out your identity as a company and present yourself to your audience, customers, and community. We are strategist as well, so if you need help with that, we got you. 

We just really love branding, storytelling, original content, creativity, know, the fun stuff. 

Our Expertise

Brand Birthing
Brand Healing

Empower Souls Studios takes a very unique approach in the branding world.


One, we don't like the term Brand Development. Our dreams are a piece of who we are so when we put it out into the world, it is a birthing. Our dreams grow, shift, change, and develop as we do. 


Two, we don't like the term Re-Brand. We call it Brand Healing - cause the way we see it, you're not necessarily coming up with something new. Rather, you are re-aligning to the core of your purpose. 

Which is why we created "Brand Therapy" - an original branding model to help bring your dream to life. 

The World of Content

Did you know there is more to content than just posting? It's ok though, it is why we are here! Before working with us, our clients did not know that successful content is driven by:

  • Planning

  • Strategy

  • Storyboarding

  • Campaigning

Creation is just one element of the process. 

Stories shape the world. 

Stories: inspire | influence | drive | motivate | invoke change | transform

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