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Brand Therapy

"Branding is who you are, marketing is how you tell people who you are, and content is the medium of how you tell people who you are."

We're sure when you think of branding, you think of logos, color palettes, and typography. And yes, those are elements of branding. But let's think bigger than that. 


Branding is your identity. It is your first touch point. It's how your audience identifies you. Connects with you. Learns to trust you. Authentic branding, is how your community becomes loyal to you. 

We understand what drives trust, loyalty, and connection; which is why we created Brand Therapy.  A unique take on traditional branding development methods + psychology to create = a brand birthing/healing experience.

Our brand building experience.

Trust, loyalty, and connection are human experiences. And just like your customers value these qualities, we do too. That's why we take a different approach to "brand development".  We understand that the brands we build are vehicles of freedom, innovation, change, and a better future for the clients we work with. 

Brand building is not a monolithic approach and that's why we created Brand Therapy - a system that humanizes and empowers brands to be their authentic selves. You may not be the only one selling your product. But you are the only YOU selling your product. 

That is your unique value to your industry.

Brand Therapy

We help you get to the core of who you are, who you'll reach, and how good you'll do it. We are flexible in our approach to Brand Therapy. For example, your core may be solid but you are challenged in the body and the voice, we'll adjust your experience to meet the need.

Our Process

As you can see, intentionality is key and we want this relationship to work for everyone involved. That is why our process is to the point - connect, discover, move forward.

LEt's Connect

We want to talk to you about your company, your vision, and why you think Empower Souls Studios is your choice to help you build/heal your Brand.


Our team will get together to determine your overall brand health through our trademarked system, Brand Therapy.

Review & Decision

We'll go over our findings from Discovery with you and let you know if we can move forward.

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