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BT Series

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Businesses are empowered through information. ESS has taken a tiered approach to impart Brand Therapy to our niche clients starting here in the Bay Area.

Why do we educate business owners about branding?

We believe that your brand is the heart that engages with your customers and community. So equipping businesses with brand knowledge just seems like a no brainer. Branding is essential to the long term health and success of the dream. 

Our Expertise

Our offerings

Our work focuses on helping Black & POC founders get clear on their authenticity and intentionality when it comes branding.


We are partnering with various organizations like Richmond Main Street, CoBiz Richmond, SBDC, etc. to educate and empower founders in their journey of brand development.


Brand Therapy allows us the opportunity to get all up in the business and work alongside founders in brand development.


Whether you need us for the one time or the long time, ESS is positioned to assist founders with the brand development.

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We're open to new ideas to collaborate.

Innovation does not happen in a vaccum. Have an idea of how we can collaborate differently, we're all eyes. Send us an email and let's make magic.

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