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I'm Christina, your go-to for all things creativity. Call me the unicorn of the creative world because I couldn't choose between left or right brain – so, naturally, I went for both! That's how I became your Creative Brand Strategist, birthing Empower Souls Studios.

My personal brand, Eclectic Cre8tive, is like a turnt time capsule capturing my wild journey of growth, self-mastery, and my undying love for life. I'm all about infectious joy and complex creativity – it's my personal cocktail of energy. With storytelling as my superpower, you can catch me flexing those creative muscles as a content creator, podcaster, and the ultimate hype-master as a professional MC.

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Complexly Creative. 

Over the past 7 years, I have had a wild amount of creative experiences: a freelance photographer for a community festival; a freelance short-video content creator for the economic development alliance; freelance social media manager for a food festival; a resident MC and Brand Manager for a nightlife brand; the Director of Digital Media Marketing for a non-profit coworking space, resident content creator for an event management company; creative director of a glam shoot for a beauty spa, Brand Manager for a cannabinoid name it, I have done it.

True Power is the Power to Empower Others.

Welcome to Empower Souls Studios – where we don't just create brands; we sculpt experiences that linger in hearts. As the top agency for all things branding, we're not just about logos and colors; we're storytellers, dream-weavers, and your ultimate partners in crafting a brand that resonates. Picture a friendly journey where your vision meets our expertise, resulting in a brand that not only stands out but also speaks volumes. We're not just about creating an identity; we're about empowering your soul through every pixel and word. Join us, and let's transform your brand into an unforgettable tale that lingers in minds and hearts alike! 


Let's make some creative magic together.

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