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Moving your brand froward.

Whether we're right there with you or just a Zoom call away, our range of offerings will meet your brand needs at every level – consider us your one-stop-shop!

Our Process

Working with us is pretty simple and we use a digital process to get things done.

Keep an eye on your inbox cause that's how we follow up.

Discovery Call

Once you sign-up for your call and fill out the 1 min questionnaire, it's all on us. We'll review and prepare to have a seamless time together.

Proposal + Contracting

If the vibes are immaculate, we are getting to work putting together a customizable proposal just for you. Give us the green light and your contract will be sent immediately.

Let's Create.

Our favorite part and we know it's yours too. It is time to execute on the project, bring the magic, and watch your business transform by working with Empower Souls Studios. 

Once we're done...

Our time is coming to a close (tear), we will have our final meetings, turn over any deliverables that are due, talk about the process, and let you soar.


We love hearing your experience! We'll send you a wrap up email and include a link where you can leave us our thoughts you shared in our final meeting. 

Branding is all about intentionality, that's why our offerings are exactly what you need.

For your company.

Brand Guru

As your dedicated Brand Guru aka Coach, our mission is to empower you to grasp the essence of branding in line with your company's goals and intentions. We won't overwhelm you – we're all about providing you with the right tools and guidance to achieve results that you'll truly be proud of. This service does not require a discovery session! Just book!

Brand Therapist

As your Brand Therapist, we jump right in to solve any brand challenges that your company is facing. We'll conduct interviews, analyze data, become besties with your team, and provide you a solution that is in alignment with your brand's strategy. We do the work for you.

Brand Audit + Strategy

A brand audit is like giving your brand a friendly wellness checkup to ensure it's thriving and aligned with your goals. We'll explore what's working brilliantly and identify areas where a little extra love might be the game-changer. It's all about ensuring your brand not only looks good but feels good too – a true reflection of the company it represents.

Head Orator in Charge

As your Fractional Chief Brand Officer (we like the title we came up with better), we become the creative maestro of your brand's magic. It's bigger than logos and colors, we are the heartbeat of your brand's personality. Think of us as the guardian of your brand's essence, making sure to curate an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the marketplace.

For the community.

Class is in Session

Picture this: a vibrant space filled with innovative ideas, collaborative discussions, and a sprinkle of fun. In our Brand Therapy workshops, we'll unlock the secrets of branding together  – from defining your brand's personality to creating a visual identity that is truly one of a kind. 

The Big Stage

We're branding extraordinaries, cheerleaders, and we love sharing our knowledge. From decoding market trends to sprinkling a touch of magic on your brand narrative, we have so much information to share.

6 Week Branding Course with Christina Kenney.png

Need something that's not listed?

A website is just an introduction.

Just book a discovery call and tap in with us.

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